Our Building Process

Building your new home is a fun and exciting experience. We at Mountain River Construction work diligently to make sure that the entire process is as seamless and stress free as possible. We are not only building elegant, structurally sound homes but also lasting relationships between builder and owner.

The following items describe the process you can expect, from selecting your property to moving in to your new home.

1. Property Review – If desired Mountain River Construction will assess the potential costs of building in certain areas by reviewing the location, the potential build sites, potential well depths and water quality, utility and infrastructure projections, and advise the potential for blasting if bedrock is present. This is helpful to clients by knowing if the chosen property is cost effective to their project.

2. Architectural Design – In the event that the client is not currently working with an architect, Mountain River Construction will arrange meetings with various architect firms to help find the right fit for the clients design and needs. We will be available during this process to help with any questions or concerns that may arise during the conversations. We feel that being involved in the design process helps insure the client achieves their desired design at a cost that they are comfortable with.

3. Agreement – Mountain River Construction and the Owners will discuss and determine either a COST PLUS agreement or a FIXED BID agreement. Both of these agreements will be explained in detail, so that the Owner can determine which method is best suited for them and their project. Once the Owner has confirmed their preferred method, a contract will be drawn specific to their project and signed off by both Mountain River Construction and Owner.

4. Architectural Review Process – If the Owners property is located in an area that requires HOA review approval, Mountain River Construction will coordinate and oversee this process until the owners have final approval from the HOA. This will require Owners to make final decisions on design, exterior materials and color choices.

5. Preliminary Cost – Following preliminary design and HOA approval, Mountain River Construction will present Owners with a preliminary budget for the project. This will include a full description of work and associated costs. These numbers will be rough budgets and allowances only, based off of history and experience. This will allow the Owners to decide whether to move forward or to make design changes. This usually takes about two weeks depending on the size and complexity of the home.

6. Final Cost – Once the design is 100% complete and all details are confirmed, the architect will submit the completed drawings to the local building department for approval (If necessary) and to Mountain River Construction for final pricing. Mountain River Construction will send completed and approved blueprints out to bid by trusted and competent sub-contractors, that will meet the Owners timeframes and quality requirements. This usually takes 4-8 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the project.

7. Value Engineering – During the design process Mountain River Construction will work closely with the architect to generate ideas for cost savings to the project without compromising the function and overall appearance of the home. During construction Mountain River Construction will work with Owners and subcontractors to find other possible cost saving concepts, to further reduce the overall cost of the project.

8. During The Build – Mountain River Construction will oversee and manage every facet of the project from start to finish. This process is basically the same for all homes with the exception of design, cost, finishes, and timeframes. Every home will be given the attention and management that is necessary to build a beautiful and structurally sound home. Communication is a key part of a successful build and will be continuously provided throughout the process. Mountain River Construction uses some of the best construction software to keep the Owners apprised of budgets, schedules, decisions to be made, and a photo library of the project from excavation to move in. Billing will be done once a month for work completed and any special materials ordered.

9. Completion – Once the home is completed a final walk through inspection will be conducted by Mountain River Construction. At this time a punch list will be put together between the Owner and Mountain River Construction. The punch list items will be implemented and completed within a reasonable time period, by any and all subcontractors that may be effected. The home will be considered complete once the Owners and Mountain River Construction are happy with every detail, and the Owner signs off on the home. Mountain River Construction provides a warranty on all workmanship and follows all state of Montana established timelines for structural components.

10. Documentation – After completion of the home, a list of all subcontractors and contact information will be compiled along with specialty material suppliers such as doors, windows, flooring, appliances, etc. and provided to the owner. Mountain River Construction will also provide information regarding the finishes of the home, this will include items like paint and stain colors, types of flooring, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and exterior finish materials. A maintenance schedule will complete the documentation package, this will address items that require homeowner participation after move in day to keep the house in good working order.