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We are a locally owned and operated custom construction company in the Flathead Valley Montana, incorporated in 2006.

Our company specializes in custom built homes ranging from complex and intricate designs to elemental floor plans. We are committed to thorough and precise planning with a high standard of maintaining quality and value engineering throughout the entire project. We believe that communication is a key component in the success of a project and strive every step of the way to provide exceptional communication with our clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors and material suppliers.


Mountain River Construction is proud to be stewards of the land by minimizing our construction footprint on the environment by maintaining as many trees and native plants as possible. We strive to implement environmentally sustainable materials on all of our projects. Every home is as energy efficient as possible. This is achieved by forward thinking starting in the planning stages while paying close attention to all details from ventilation and insulation to the most energy efficient mechanical equipment and appliances. Likewise, we want to be sure that every finished home is as healthy and eco-friendly as possible through air and water quality systems. Planning ahead and precautionary measures are taken throughout the construction process to attain these goals.

Interactive Project Management Software System

It is a client-user friendly software system that has all of our team, client, and trade partner communications in one place. Whether via web, mobile, email, or text, and whether from your team, clients, or trades, you can see all of the communications about a particular topic on one screen.

Building Process

Building your new home is a fun and exciting experience. We at Mountain River Construction work diligently to make sure that the entire process is as seamless and stress free as possible. We are not only building elegant, structurally sound homes but also lasting relationships between builder and owner.

The following items describe the process you can expect, from selecting your property to moving in to your new home.

  1. Property Review – If desired MRC will assess the potential costs of building in certain areas by reviewing the location, the potential build sites, potential well depths and water quality, utility and infrastructure projections, and advise the potential for blasting if bedrock is present. This is helpful to clients by knowing if the chosen property is cost effective to their project.

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