About Us

We are a locally owned and operated custom construction company in the Flathead Valley Montana, incorporated in 2006.

Our company specializes in custom built homes ranging from complex and intricate designs to elemental floor plans. We are committed to thorough and precise planning with a high standard of maintaining quality and value engineering throughout the entire project. We believe that communication is a key component in the success of a project and strive every step of the way to provide exceptional communication with our clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors and material suppliers. We handpick all of our materials to correspond with each homes individual look and style. As each home is specifically designed according to the owners preferences, we partner with a team of talented and highly skilled architects, engineers, and subcontractors that work well together and are masters of their trades. Our company’s dedication to building with honesty, integrity, and skilled craftsmanship highlights us in our industry and allows us to proudly stand behind every home we build. We take pride in constructing elegant and structurally sound homes that many generations to come will enjoy.

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